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Mystic Sound Records is a music label for electronic music in the psychedelic downtempo genres, as well as a platform for the realization of the creative potential of artists. The label was founded in 2014 by Alla Vagner and Edward Cybered

Mystic Sound publishes music from all over the world and also organizes some of the brightest events in Russia and India. The main ideology of Mystic Sound Records is the development and distribution of high-quality electronic music worldwide

We develop the chill-out scene by bringing together connoisseurs of music and art, and form a creative space by organizing high-quality parties and music showcases as part of the largest festivals and cultural events

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We deliver high quality analog mastering service to every our release. Quality is provided by Manifold Studio, a well-known mastering studio by Edward Cybered.

Manifold Studio was founded in 2008 by a team of professionals, who have dedicated their lives to work with the sound. The Studio’s efficiency is based on fanatic quality control.

You can find more info about the studio on the website.

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