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Iacchus is a psychedelic/ambient project of Dan Forest formed in London, UK in 2007.  A true musical innovator Dan is inspired by the likes of Ott., Shpongle and Dave Tipper. He has risen from the ashes of the break core-scene, revamping his sound with indigenous instruments infused melodically with psychedelic breaks.
Dan Forest made break-core, jungle and drum bass with a band called usedtobecool… but then about five years ago, he heard Shpongle and Ott for the first time. It led to a journey of discovery, mainly through the downtempo aspects of psychedelic music. He found elements of sound design and song structure more interesting and rewarding to work on.

But it was Tipper who inspired Dan to try much harder with his production. The whole explosion of the dubstep and glitch hop scene has also started to influence his music, so it’s almost starting to go full circle back into more uptempo vibes.
The debut album of Iacchus “Subjectivity” was released in 2008. Then in 2011 he releases 2 albums “Together as One” and “There Is Only Infinity”. Finally, in 2014, Mystic Sound Records is happy to release the fourth full-length album of this unbelievably talented musical producer – Frogspawn.
Masterly mixing a lot of different styles in his music, Dan achieved an unique and individual sound. Taking influence from glitch, dubstep and bass music, and stepping into dub and world music vibes with live recordings – everybody will find something familiar in the music of Iacchus while still experiencing an incredible journey of discovery.

Latest music of Iacchus