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Jai — Tartaria

Mystic Sound Records presents the debut album of a talented producer from Kazan, Tatarstan – Jai ‘Tartaria’!
There are a lot of rare ethnic samples in this album, related to the period of existence of Tartaria – the large civilization of ancient world that was located in the central part of modern Russia, such as old song that was recorded in the village and other folklore elements.
It is alluring to follow the development of the album, because the first impression is something slavyanic-magic, like a shamanic circle uniting different tribes. And here flies in a ‘Mosquito’, and it all becomes quirky. The ritual energy inside of the gathering is splashing all out and around, touching the void. You can hear a variety of downtempo genres in the music of Jai, that are making strong impression all together. We especially recommend this album to the fans of vocals and violin, though, bass line and dub ornament are attracting here, too.
Welcome to Tartaria!

Release info

Styles: Downtempo, Psybreaks, Psychill
Release Date: June 14, 2018
Cat №: MSRDG48

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Written & produced by Artur Jai
Mastering: Manifold Studio
Cover art: Artrama