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Moebius — Mutatis Mundi

Mystic Sound Records present the 5th full-length album of a well-known German producer Moebius (Christian Spudat), ‘Mutatis Mundi’. The new album consists of ten tracks and can change the world for the better as its title says.
The first track gives the whole idea of the album: cheerful and progressive. Then, few tunes after, you understand the idea of the project name, which speaks for itself. This album is like a möbius strip with the full twist: every composition sounds like to start and finish at the same point, but somewhere hop! – and it’s turning over and keeps on winding towards the joining spot. We would emphasize ‘Echoes Of The Future’ piece as the curving moment, therewith ‘Free Spirit’ and ‘Digital Network’ give some refreshing groove which was not that prominent in the beginning. At the same time the album sounds like the audio background for arcade video game, when a hero is running and jumping around so as to collect diversely located beats & bonuses and hurry up to the next check point. And the journey starts again but on another surface: it’s a Möbius strip, you know.
The style of this album is a various mixture of psychill, ambient and breaks. Mostly every track has a breakbeat base, while somewhere you can hear dub elements. This album can be considered both as an excellent background and as an object for a thoughtful listening. Enjoy!

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Styles: Ambient, Psybreaks, Psychill
Release Date: 05.08.2016
Cat №: MSRDG29

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Written & Produced by Christian Spudat
Mastering: Manifold Studio
Cover art: Ulsei