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The OkoloSna project represents an original in its sounding and stylistics actual experimental music with primary influence of ethnic roots and folklore traditions of various cultures and nationalities. It is a fusion of modern dancing rhythms and electronic music with ancient vibrations of sacred mantras, classical tools, nature sounds, throat singing and other ethnic and tribal elements.
The intriguing incendiary power of electronic rhythms and philosophical and mystical mood of melodies and sounds create the original and versatile music which is combined with such styles as psybreaks, psychill, techno, breaks, drum’n’bass, tribal, ethnodelica, dawntempo, ambient, industrial and others.
The project is created in 2010 and for long time is in underground of the Russian electronic scene. Many compositions can be heard only on performances in their live-versions. Including in cooperation with other known groups (for example Chronos-project) that gives additional uniqueness for listeners.
The musical project doesn’t stand still in the experiments with a sound and every time is capable to surprise the listeners with creations, new and interesting on the sounding.

Latest music of Okolosna