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Naarya is the pseudonym of electronic producer Anastasia Meshanskaya from Moscow, Russian Federation.

Her music can be described as a blend of enigmatic psybient with downtempo, dub, and cinematic sensibilities.

Anastasia started out in 2016 by practicing on Cubase digital audio workstation in Stereoschool under the leadership of Nick Klimenko (Chronos). After graduating she started taking lessons from Natalia Karpova ( Sol8) and Oleg Belousov ( Astronaut Ape).

Anastasia is now a resident of Mystic Sound records. She released her first album ‘Legends Of The world’ on the 25th of April 2020.

‘Music is the only thing in the world, that can trigger real emotions. Not only you can listen to the music, but see it, smell it, feel it. Doesn’t matter what I say, doesn’t matter what I look like. I am the music I make. That is the real ME.’ Naarya

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