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Möbius is a music project by Christian Spudat, who is working as a composer, sound designer and producer since 2004. Born in Germany he started his music career in the creative commons community publishing several releases at various netlabels including Bump Foot from Japan and Phonocake from Germany. In 2016 Möbius released his full-lenght album “Mutatis Mundi” at Mystic Sound Records followed by a new album in 2017, which is in the process of releasing in the moment.
As a sound designer Möbius love to create new sounds and patterns using analog and digital synthesizers in his project studio in Vienna. His music can be described as a mixture of psybient, chillout, psydub, breaks, electro, hard basses and a lot of atmosphere. Thereby he plays with contrasts like ‘harsh and soft’ or ‘fast and slow’ creating a constant development of sounds and rhythms. As a former drummer in various rock bands he is fascinated by patterns and the creation of new grooves and atmospheres by layering different rhythms, notes and harmonies. It is like a Möbius strip with the full twist: Most compositions sound like to start and finish at the same point, but somewhere hop! – and it’s turning over and keeps on winding towards the joining spot. It’s a Möbius strip, you know.

Latest music of Möbius