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Imprum & Vaqm


The imprum x vaqm project consists of two members. Each one of them has their own path of development and formation as electronic musicians. The solo project “imprum” is about “ambient/psychill” sound, and the project “vaqm” focuses on deepstep/dnb/breaks sound. Solo releases can be found on the Internet.

Denis and Vadim met in 2016, tried to play live on a pair of simple synthesizers and things went well. Gradually, the guys played more and more, their setup was overgrown with more and more iron, and the sound became more diverse.
Their compositions are a combination of ambient transfusions, soft pads, walking sequences under the control of deep, pulsating and hypnotic groove!:)

All tracks are born during the recording of a jam (improvisation), then transferred to DAW, cut and polished with vst instruments until the final stage. This allows you to take all the best from the analog and digital approach for creating music.

Some parts of the jams is finalized and used for a live program for performances. In the arsenal of the project there are many synthesizers, samplers, effectors, drum machines, interspersed with live wind and percussion instruments.

Strength in Unity!

Latest music of Imprum & Vaqm