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DJ Vitaly Bauer


Vitaly Bauer started to collect chillout and ambient music at the end of 20th century, being inspired by Banco De Gaia, Ozric Tentacles, Etnica. Vitaly Bauer started performing as DJ in 2003 when he already had large collection of slow music. Vitaly Bauer has performed at many Russian music festivals, BK, Trimurti, Insomnia, Trishula and many more and played at same stage with Kliment, Kalumet in Dub, Hallucinogen in Dub.
Since 2001 he organizes fests and club parties known as BK. Last years Vitaly Bauer is paying attention to develope the chillout stage of BK events. In 2016 became Mystic Sound rec. resident.
Vitaly Bauer expresses powerful feelings through chillout music, organically combining music of all styles and genres staying tuned to psychedelic chillout vibes.

Latest music of DJ Vitaly Bauer