What is Trimurti festival in Russia and why you do need to go there?

What is Trimurti festival? The answer on this question can be very complex, but we’ll give you a simple version – Trimurti is the largest festival of psychedelic electronic music in Russia. It gathers people from all over Russia and abroad, unites them by eco-friendly atmosphere and inspires them with the conscious lifestyle. The main advantage of Trimurti is that you can see there the richest variation of artists on the Chillout comparetively with any other European Festival. You can hear all famous and talented Russian producers all over Russia along with some foreigners, who rarely plays at other festivals. This year you can listen to the whole showcases of such labels as Mystic Sound, Cosmicleaf, Microcosmos and Spaceradio: Zero Cult, Side Liner, Maiia, Airform, Kanc Cover, Unusual Comic Process, Germind, Flucturion 2.0, Astronaut Ape, Uchu and many more. Check the full list of artists here.

Mystic Sound Records team will present their showcase at the Chillout stage on June 12th 10 p.m. till 10 a.m. 13th. We’ll be happy to meet you on the dancefloor that time!


Of course, Trimurti is not Chillout stage only – there are many ones with different kinds of electronic music as well. Cosmic dance floor will be a place with various psychedelic trance music with massive live acts and DJ-sets of such projects as X-Dream, Goasia, Malice in Wonderland, Nebula Meltdown, Naima, Maiia303 and many more. Alternative Stage will present all kinds of techno by the artists and DJs like Opsy, Alex Tolstey, Cybered and others. Live stage will be filled with outstanding live band performances – Matzumoto Zoku, Jyoti & Yoni, Alba, Avi Adir to name a few.


Trimurti is all about ecology as well, and this is not only words. The festival arranges separate garbage collection, makes different leisure about eco and healthy style of life. Trimurti is about health – there is a large Healing Area where you can find a variety of activities during the all festival days: yoga, meditation, massage and plenty of other bodywork practices.


Besides music and body practices, Trimurti will have a nice exhibition area with unique paintings and art objects within, theater performances, fire stages, vegetarian cafés, organic bars, craftsmen town with hand-made market, diverse workshops and amazing associated areas.


Trimurti is a big bright city, which appears in one of the most wonderful place of Russia for just a several days in a year.


How to get to Trimurti festival from Europe and other sides of the world?

Traveling to Russia is rather cheap for any foreigners. Round trip flight tickets to Moscow from almost any part of the world on the festival dates are about 200 euros. You can check the cost of the flight from your city here. Detailed recommendation about traveling to Russia can be found here. When you arrive to an airport in Moscow, you need to ger to the pick location in order to catch a bus to Trimurti. The meeting spot is within the city, and you will find it easily. Information about the buses will be posted here. Trimurti will publish “How to get there’ directions 10 days prior the event.


Must-Have for the festival life.

Here is a small list of necessary thing you need to bring to the festival: a tent, a sleeping bag, warm clothes, a repellent, sunscreen, a flashlight, a medkit, money, ID documents: passport or driver’s license. It will be possible to rent a tent, a sleeping bag and other camping stuff at the festival as well. Ask about it at Infocenter. Yes, indeed, there will be English-speaking people to help you.


Where to live at Trimurti festival and in Moscow?

Trimurti has nice camping areas – you can choose to live near a river or in the forest, close to Chillout stage or almost at the dancefloor, near the Healing area or Kinder garden. If you wish to spend a day in Moscow, you can rent a room in a hotel/hostel or even stay with locals founded on Airbnb or couchsurfing.


How to find the community?

We would love to help you answering your questions about the festival. You can drop a message right to Mystic Sound team on Facebook or post a word at our local chillout community. Trimurti’s official page on Facebook can be found here. We can assist you with all the questions so do not hesitate to leave a comment to this post if you have any.


Welcome to Trimurti 2016!