Interview with Nick Chronos about his new album “Keep In Your Heart”

Recently the new album of Chronos – Keep In Your Heart has been released! Keep In Your Heart is a dozen of exciting tracks, each with its own character and atmosphere and united by the one and only idea – to keep only positive vibes in your heart.

Our editor, Vera Uzhva, has spoken to Nick, the founder of Chronos, about his new album, about yoga and chillout-music.

Vera: Keep in Your Heart. What do you appeal to keep in hearts by means of your music

Nick: Music is a powerful energetic stream if you perceive it consciously but not just played on the background. Musical waves can grand courage, provide with hope for the coming day, charge with light melancholy or warmth. These are live emotions and feelings which an author tries to transmit to a listener so that the latter could CO-feel, CO-share.

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