What is Trimurti festival in Russia and why you do need to go there?

What is Trimurti festival? The answer on this question can be very complex, but we’ll give you a simple version – Trimurti is the largest festival of psychedelic electronic music in Russia. It gathers people from all over Russia and abroad, unites them by eco-friendly atmosphere and inspires them with the conscious lifestyle. The main advantage of Trimurti is that you can see there the richest variation of artists on the Chillout comparetively with any other European Festival. You can hear all famous and talented Russian producers all over Russia along with some foreigners, who rarely plays at other festivals. This year you can listen to the whole showcases of such labels as Mystic Sound, Cosmicleaf, Microcosmos and Spaceradio: Zero Cult, Side Liner, Maiia, Airform, Kanc Cover, Unusual Comic Process, Germind, Flucturion 2.0, Astronaut Ape, Uchu and many more. Check the full list of artists here.

Mystic Sound Records team will present their showcase at the Chillout stage on June 12th 10 p.m. till 10 a.m. 13th. We’ll be happy to meet you on the dancefloor that time!


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