What’s next?

We never stop working here in Mystic Sound Records. Always listening to new awesome music, designing cover arts, mastering great releases and promoting talented producers. We’ve visualized and published our plans for the next 7 months so as to answer your unceasing questions about what’s next. Actually we need to add some more releases to this schedule – a VA and an EP.


Since it’s the end of September now, the first two points of the list have been already released:  “Barish Ke Baad” by Argyria on September 6th and   “Dust and Grass” by OkoloSna on September 20th. You definitely should pay extra attention to the new album of OkoloSna – it’s a great mix of modern dancing rhythms and electronic music with ancient vibrations of sacred mantras, classical tools, nature sounds, throat singing and other ethnic and tribal elements. If you like the dancе type of chillout music you’ll love it. October, 24th will be marked with the release of Taff’s new album called “Miracles”. These ten tracks will bring you to the magic world of Taff sound: where the miracles do happen. Another long-awaited album we are working on now is “Mutatis Mundi” by Moebius . Chillout mood with rich atmospheres are filling every moment of this album.

Then another long-awaited story will come to our life – it will be the 5th album of Maiia, the head of Mystic Sound Records. The name of the album is “Shining Dragon”, and it consists of 10 powerful tracks in a unique Maiia sound – mix of psychill and breaks music. Then we’ll come closely to the 5th chapter of famous Ethneomystic compilations. It will include tracks of such masters as Globular, Kukan Dub Lagan, Hinkstep, Zero Cult, Side Liner & Flucturion 2.0, Chronos, Maiia, Germind and others. The 8th album of Flucturion 2.0, “Prana Flow” will show you amazing psybient  and progressive chillout. The album will be released on CD, by the way.

Winter will be warmed by the shining music of Liquid Crystal and his new album “Illusions And Dreams”. Cord will present his EP with “Suburb Tales”, and Airform is going to impress you with his second full-length album. Our label DJ, Fusionista, is working on a psybass compilation, which will also be released this winter.

We all are waiting for a new album of Iacchus with his unique psychedelic sound.  Furthermore, the mini album of Rukirek “Enchanted Forest” will also fill the dark winter evenings with the light. Naturelement will present the album of remixes made by different artists:  such producers as JP Illusion, Bioscape, Sygnals and others will demonstrate their own versions of tracks, previously released on “Ingrained” album by Naturelement. Chronos is also working on the album of remixes, but in an opposite way: he will make remixes of different producers by himself. Also we will be proud to release a new album of Kanc Cover, it’s a chillout side of Goasia project. And the last point in our list will be a chillout compilation where we’ll feature a bunch of talented ambient producers from around the world. Free download!

Now you know what to expect from Mystic Sound, and be sure that all the listed music will be in the highest quality and worth listen.

Stay with us!