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VA Sagittarius Dreams, Compiled by DJ Prometheya

Have you seen the ‘Inception’ movie? This compilation may be the musical version of it,with Sagittarius as the main character. He is playing around with the frolicdidgeridoo and dancing on the iridescent sound waves, and dreaming on. So, he pulls the bow back, chills down, and aims. The flight of the arrow brings to shamaniccapoeira and extraterrestrial hop funked up with the cartoonish vibe. Then thelevels of the abstract dreams mix up like in a snow glow with Jupiter inside. Look, how soothingly the sound flakes fall down, make it serene. Is it really a dream? Will Sagittarius wake up or not? It’s for you to decide ?

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Artists on VA: Blue Lunar Monkey, I.M.D, Jedidiah, Moai System, Pedra Branca, Priest Of Secret Garden, Qubeat, Sun Anga, Sundial Aeon, Tarac, UCHU, Unusual Cosmic Process
Styles: Downtempo, Psybient, Psychill
Release Date: July 7, 2020
Cat №: MSRDG77

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Lyubov Prometheya is a DJ from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Everything starts with the influence of psychill and goa trance music. Magic and flying sounds filled her heart and opened the mission to share wonderful music with the world around. Carefully collecting vibes from musicians around the world,
Prometheya shares beautiful music creating an atmosphere of joy and light on the dancefloor. She is also a part of Mystic Sound Records, presenting the label at the events and collecting the wondefrul compilations.

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Compiled by Prometheya
Mastering: Manifold Studio
Cover art: Elena Ukolova
Text: Tatyana Zaytseva