VA – Integration With Nature


Type: VA
Title: Integration With Nature compiled by Maiia
Style: Psybient, PsyChill, PsyBreaks
Release date: 01 July 2015
Format: Digital
Cat-No: MSRDG14
Mastering: Manifold Studio
Cover art&design: Ulsei

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1. Airform – Mechanical Forest (Spherical Mix)
2. Peres – Hypersphere
3. StereOMantra – True Experiences
4. Chronos – Cultural Legacy
5. Van Mille – Strange
6. SyBins – The Beans Of Future Past
7. Rukirek – Jabba Dabba
8. Cosmosonic – Aerodynamic
9. Unusual Cosmic Process – Sahara Trip
10. In Orbit – One Giant Leap

Release info:

Mystic Sound Records proudly presents an amazing fresh and juicy summer compilation – Integration With Nature. Ten excellent tracks are carefully selected by Maiia and are as harmonically integrated with Nature as every tree in the forest. All human beings on the Earth are children of nature and for harmonious existence always need to keep a connection with it.

Nature is music. Just listen to the breath of wind or birds singing. Music of our Integration With Nature combines rich atmospheres, powerful beats and amazing melodies. You can hear PsyChill, PsyBreaks, PsyDub and even Progressive sound in it. The tracks are provided both by well known producers from over the world and by young talents that we’re discovering here at Mystic Sound Records.

Enjoy this wonderful Integration With Nature while walking somewhere in the forests, lying in the fields or climbing to your next top of a mountain.

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