VA Ethneomystica Vol. 8

Type: VA
Title: Ethneomystica Vol. 8 compiled by Maiia
Style: PsyDub, PsyChill, PsyBreaks
Release date: 25 October 2019
Format: Digital
Cat-No: MSRDG65
Cover art: Elena Ukolova


01. Zoungla – Your Playful Heart
02. Hinkstep – Open Heart
03. Scion – Level Three
04. Iacchus – Spore To The More
05. Jeremy’s Aura – Summer Of Sativa
06. Jaala – Floating Phase
07. Kick Bong – Marshmallow Mood
08. Blue Lunar Monkey – I’m In A Dream
09. Neuroq – Damned Rasta
10. Advanced Suite – Helium
11. Chronos – Faith
12. Naturelement – The Purity of Youth
13. Dalton Trance Teleport – Gaza
14. Invisible Ralf – Adrift (Taktyle Remix)
15. Encapsulate – The Most Important Person

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Mystic Sound Records is excited to share the world of Ethneomystica with you!

Thoroughly collected by the founder of the record label, this compilation is celebrating the genius of music writing! Enjoy gripping experiments with rhythms, instruments and patterns. There is some modern orchestral fleur here and there: piano rapture, sloppy saxophone with florid guitar, charming bowed string lines and vocals.

It is all beautifully fringing diverse moods of pieces, from peaceful dub to hasty bass with the curtsies to glitch, oriental sound and many more.

We invite you to join the 8th Ethneo-celebration!