Uutai & Maiia – Nature Vibes

Type: Album
Artist: Uutai & Maiia
Title: Nature Vibes
Style: PsyChill, World, Ethno
Release date: 12 September 2021
Format: Digital
Cat-No:  MSRDG95
Mastering: Manifold Studio http://manifold-studio.com/eng/
Cover art: Ulsei

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01. Uutai & Maiia – Path Of The Heart
02. Uutai & Maiia – Taiga
03. Uutai & Maiia – Fullmoon
04. Uutai & Maiia – Warriors Of Light
05. Uutai & Maiia – Tales of The Northern Forest
06. Uutai & Maiia – Mysterious Earth
07. Uutai & Maiia – Lazy Sunset (Shamanic Mix)
08. Uutai & Maiia – Peace And Love
09. Uutai & Maiia – Power Of Water
10. Uutai & Maiia – Magic Stream

Release info:

Two Russian divas have joined their forces to present you the album ‘Nature Vibes’. Enjoy this magical fusion of Maiia’s strong rhythms and Uutai’s shamanic vocals. Add a peaceful hang drum, throat singing, and a wide range of animal sounds. Uplifting melodies with live guitars and a vibrant mouth harp will accompany you in this mystifying journey.