Tsykhra – Mankind Under The Microscope


Type: EP
Artist: Tsykhra
Title: Mankind Under The Microscope
Style: PsyBreaks, PsyChill, Breakbeat
Release date: 24 March 2015
Format: Digital
Mastering: Manifold Studio


01. 11035m Below Sea Level
02. Colonization (Re-Charge)
03. Mankind Under The Microscope

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Mystic Sound Records is happy to present the mini-album of Tsykhra – Mankind Under The Microscope. Tsykhra (Sergey Kunitsyn) is an artist from Belgorod, Russia, whose music style has been trasforming since 1998 till now from drum’n’bass and techno through commercial trance and has ended its evolution at a boundless form built with inspiring rhythmic patterns containing all imaginable sound palettes. He loves experimenting and values harmony of musical, timbral and engineering content.

This EP is a musical trilogy about human beings, their aspirations and dreams. The sea is deep but the space is deeper, there is so much to explore. Colonization is a sound of technology and inventions. 11035m Under The Sea is a sound of adventure. Mankind Under The Microscope is a sound of divine care. All 3 tracks were born under sudden afflatus, they are something new in Tsykhra’s musical career.

Stylistically the mini-album music is a bright mix of PsyBreaks, PsyChill and Psybient. Groovy beats, fat basslines, modulated melodies, all together lead you to an unbelievable psychedelic journey.

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