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VA Psybass Dimension, Compiled by Fusionista

Mystic Sound Records invites you to the captivating journey with the amazing compilation of Fusionista – ‘Psybass Dimension’.
Ten exciting tracks of music masters from around the world lead you into the dance meditation through the sacred beats. Rich basslines together with groovy beats come through the energy centers of your body, and set hidden blocks or clams free.
Wanna feel it? Listen to this VA with the heart wide opened and enjoy the psybass dimension.

Release info

Artists on VA: Anchor Hill, Chronos & Okolosna, Fusionista, Genetrix, Liquid Soma, Mystral, Nanda, Neuroq, Slackbaba, Tron Sepia
Styles: Glitch-Hop, Psybass, Psybreaks
Release Date: July 25, 2018
Cat №: MSRDG50

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Compiled by Fusionista
Cover art by Ulsei
Mastered by Edward Cybered at Manifold Mastering Studio