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VA Original Knowledge, Compiled by DJ Shoom

Mystic Sound Records is happy to present an excellent collection of downtempo tracks, compiled by Frank Mandarino, DJ Shoom – “Original Knowledge”! Frank has demonstrated his excellent musical taste for many years as a channel director of the world’s biggest digital radio station – Digitally Imported Radio.
Ten amazing tracks created by music producers from around the world discover the original sound of Psybient. Powerful bass, straight kicks, and enveloping atmospheres fill you with energy. Featuring tracks from Maluns, Chronos, In Orbit, DamianL, Ascendant, Unusual Cosmic Process, Psyrius feat. Sukhush, Solar Powered Beings, GadgetG and Sygnals, which all-together complete a united story.
Feel yourself in a mysterious ancient place of power while the listening to this amazing compilation by Shoom – “Original Knowledge”!

Release info

Artists on VA: Ascendant, Chronos, DamianL, GadgetG, In Orbit, Maluns, Psyrius, Solar Powered Beings, SuKhush, Sygnals, Unusual Cosmic Process
Styles: Progressive, Psybient, Psychill
Release Date: November 7, 2015
Cat №: MSRDG19

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Compiled by DJ Shoom
Mastering: Manifold Studio
Cover art: Ulsei