Maiia – Love Is The Answer

Type: Album
Artist: Maiia
Title: Love Is The Answer
Style: PsyChill, Progressive, Psybient
Release date: 04 April 2020
Format: Digital
Cat-No:  MSRDG72
Mastering: Manifold Studio
Cover art: Ulsei

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01. End Of Fruitless Hopes
02. Sacred Dance
03. Magic Carpet
04. Where Miracles Live (Album Mix)
05. Forever Young
06. Lace Of A Dawn
07. Karma
08. What Venus Is Dreaming Of (Album Mix)
09. Love Is The Answer

Release info:

Enjoy a fascinating ride on the swing of love presented by swiping and melodic rhythms. The sound is rich: with the diversity of instruments and the uplifting kick. A flute and a funky guitar, shaky arabesques, romantic synths – Maiia is striking again with the experiments. It gets rough and straightforward at some point, but that’s why we love swinging!