M.O.O.S – Music Of Oddity Sounds

Type: EP
Artist: M.O.O.S
Title: Music Of Oddity Sounds
Style: Psybass, Psychill, Psydub
Release date: February 2020
Format: Digital



01. M.o.o.s
02. Crier En Silence Part 2
03. Feeling Good
04. Goodnight

Release info: soon

Mystic Sound Records presents the EP of M.O.O.S – the side-project of psychill producer Lemonchill – ” Music Of Oddity Sounds”.

This one is revealing the very mystic part of our label philosophy. The groovy essence is also on the level. At some point, you just become nothing but a springy kick with the offbeat ride cymbal, pure and crystal. Three compositions are alluring and questioning you, and the last one is like a farewell confession to the universe.

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