Incredible Science – Sense Of Being

Type: Album
Artist: Incredible Science
Title: Sense Of Being
Style: PsyBass, PsyDub, Dubstep
Release date: June 2021
Format: Digital
Cat-No: MSRDG91
Mastering: Mhakavaya
Cover art: Activedia

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01. Incredible Science – Localiens
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03. Incredible Science – Space Jazz
04. Incredible Science – Mysterious Malfunction (Psybreaks Remix)
05. Incredible Science – Flower of Brain
05. Incredible Science – Sense of Being
06. Chronos – Kunilingus (Incredible Science Remix)

Release info:

Welcome to the world of robotic breaks and crisp bass music. Sharp-cut grooves go straight to the brain and provoke various senses. Alluring sounds of nature and multiple voice samples complement the whole ‘senses’ trip. What’s the story with the fish on the cover art? It’s for you to discover!)