Chronos – Synthesizer Wall

Type: Album
Artist: Chronos
Title: Synthesizer Wall
Style: Ambient, Psybient, Chillout
Release date: 02 December 2021
Format: Digital
Cat-No:  MSRDG101
Mastering: Manifold Studio

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01. Life Triplets
02. Sirius Composition
03. Aira Sequence
04. Systematica
05. Sequenced Particles
06. Mountain View
07. Pyramid Spirit
08. Berlin Rootz
09. Space Age

Release info:

No no no, it’s not another psychill or ambient album from Chronos! This journey is rather more cinematic and minimalistic than all previous Chronos releases.

Everything was played and recorded live in one take! Nick Klimenko has spent hours in a studio, practicing live playing, sequencing patterns and harmonies, making rhythms and atmos for every single piece in this release. Then he hit the “record” button and played every song at one time.

The sound is rough and almost unprocessed so as to keep the original spirit of analog & digital instruments. All the glitches and notes reveal a natural flow of live playing. Many of the timbres were made for this album especially – you will not hear them elsewhere.

The way of composition and execution lead to the 1970s when Klauss Schulze and Tangerine Dream played their concerts without any computer or musical software.

So let’s start immersion into the atmosphere of the wall full of synthesizers.