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Tron Sepia — Children Of Twilight

Mystic Sound Records is happy to release the wonderful EP “Children Of Twilight” by Tron Sepia, presented by Mirek Hamet and Eric Laufer from Canada.
‘Oh, listen to them, the Children of Twilight! What music they make!’ The EP is not that vampiry, though, unless PsyDracula finds himself at the tribal ceremony. Rather sticky one, with a flute and tambourines. Glitchy dusk and broken beats are also at the table. Along with the piano confession at the end – check out the romantic jelly with the string of a female vocal. Oh, what music they make!

Release info

Styles: Psybass, Psychill, Psydub
Release Date: January 24, 2020
Cat №: MSRDGEP18

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Written & produced by Erik Laufer, Mirek Hamet
Mastering: Manifold Studio
Text: Tatyana Zaytseva