Squarking Jazz

Squarking Jazz is electronic music project of Sergey Vlasenko from Moscow, Russia. Squarking Jazz creates music of a night forests and noises of Siam gulf, ritual shamanic dances of African tribes and werewolf, which is galloping through jungle to his victim, music of the full moon and magical sunset on the seashore, sharp rocks and deserts, rumble of the waterfall and voices of the myriad of nymphs, whos singing mixes with endless sparks of bright fire…


Chronos is one of the leading Russian chillout/ambient projects. Since 2001 the project has provided lots of sacral & esoterical ideas through audio-visual performances, music & people connected in one source of vision & the slogan: “Music for awakening consciousness”.

The way of Chronos goes between ambient/ethnic influences and chillout/trip-trance vibrations. The word “Chronos” from ancient Greek language is translated as “Time”, meaning the internity invisible by the mind engine, the symbol of our evolution. The man behind the project is Nick Klimenko, a Moscow based musician, sound producer, sound designer, live performer & a teacher. 15 years of experience with music as a dj, producer, radioshow presenter, etc.

Releases on Mystic Sound Records:

Maiia Project

Maii is a project of Alla Vagner, head of Mystic Sound Records. Maiia Project is ethno psy-chill music band. Music of this project combines ancient ethnic instruments with modern electronic, creating deep dive into magic athmosphere of fairy tale.Translated from sanskrit, MAIIA means magic, illusion, power, fruit of cosmic creativity. Through the music of our project we aim to attract listeners to explore ancient ethnic rhythms and magic sounds that filled the universe even at the times where no civilizations existed. We wish to remind people of the Nature surrounding human beings and to bring joy and love to their hearts.In 2009 Alla assembles her ethno psy chill band for live performances, consisting mainly of female musicians. The band inherits the name of its leader – MAIIA. Alla acts as the band’s music author and producer. In addition to various synthesizers, many of Alla’s recordings feature sounds of live instruments and vocals.

Releases on Mystic Sound Records:


Cybered is a solo project of techno-trance dj Edward Cybered from Moscow (born in 1979). In 1999 he was a part of demo-scene under the name of Sadman. With the millenium coming, Edward became interested in the progressive techno vibrations and founded a psytechno project called Cybered. So very soon the creativity of this project has attracted the attention of Alex Tolstey, the owner of techno record labels named Boshkebeats records and Horns&Hoofs Entertainment. With the assistance of Alex, Horns&Hoofs Entertainment had released the tracks of Cybered project worldwide. From 2001 till late 2004, Cybered has beed a resident of Swedish label Moonflower Records. During that period he actively worked on the development of Horns&Hoofs label, released several mixes as a dj, toured a lot, acted on the festivals and a lot of parties in Russia and abroad and also organised first psy-progressive and psytechno parties in Moscow. Besides that, Edward is a founder of psytrance project Manifold, which has released 2 full leight albums on such labels as DejaVu rec. , Sunstation rec. and a lot of tracks on different VA.