Be Jam

Be Jam is psybass/chill project from the city Zhukovsky that is near Moscow, Russia. The music of the project combine the elements of psybient groove, lyrical melodic patterns, live instruments and a deep bass.

The debut album of Be Jam will be released in the Fall of 2017 on Mystic Sound Records.


The Rukirek project was created in March 2013 inspired by the best ethno-electronic music – deep, philosophic and infinite like the Universe itself.

Rukirek releases on Mystic Sound Records:


Taff is a Moscow based sound producer, musician, and music teacher by Steinberg company.
The unique Taff sound reflects Sergey’s hard work on the intelligent sound quality. In this edition we feature the new album of Taff – “Miracles” that offers you an excellent fusion of downtempo, chillout, psybient and a bit of lounge. This long-awaited album consists of ten true miracles – tracks which sound like a united composition. On listening from the beginning till the end you feel like you’ve visited a mystic dimension.

Taff release on Mystic Sound Records:


Chillum – project, which arose spontaneously cold January night in 2012 in an apartment in the Moscow region in the light of the dim light bulbs. Assumes the listener a warm and positive mood, forwarding it to the world of illusion, goodness and the mysteries of his own consciousness.


The OkoloSna project represents an original in its sounding and stylistics actual experimental music with primary influence of ethnic roots and folklore traditions of various cultures and nationalities. It is a fusion of modern dancing rhythms and electronic music with ancient vibrations of sacred mantras, classical tools, nature sounds, throat singing and other ethnic and tribal elements.
The intriguing incendiary power of electronic rhythms and philosophical and mystical mood of melodies and sounds create the original and versatile music which is combined with such styles as psybreaks, psychill, techno, breaks, drum’n’bass, tribal, ethnodelica, dawntempo, ambient, industrial and others.
The project is created in 2010 and for long time is in underground of the Russian electronic scene. Many compositions can be heard only on performances in their live-versions. Including in cooperation with other known groups (for example Chronos-project) that gives additional uniqueness for listeners.
The musical project doesn’t stand still in the experiments with a sound and every time is capable to surprise the listeners with creations, new and interesting on the sounding.

Okolosna release on Mystic Sound Records:


Airform is a project of Anton Stepanov, based in Tolyatti. The development of russian undeground and appearance of public events at the end of nineties became a reason of recording compilations of various genres and directions. Time passed, the idea of producing electronic music expanded. That initiated the beginning of the creation of the first own compositions in the genre of techno sound in 2004.The musician started to go deeply into trance sub-stylesmore and more, search his own sound, make experiments crossing Techno and Trance. These two streams gave the beginning to the new creative way. He began to study basis of producing modern sound of high quality. In 2007 works posted for free downloading recieved a lot of positive feedback from listeners and musicians. After long treatment the sound slowly fransformed into psy format with atmosphericbackground canonicity and melodic sound, making a certain tint of Chillout genre.

Airform releases on Mystic Sound Records:

DJ Vitaly Bauer

Vitaly Bauer started to collect chillout and ambient music at the end of 20th century, being inspired by Banco De Gaia, Ozric Tentacles, Etnica. Vitaly Bauer started performing as DJ in 2003 when he already had large collection of slow music. Vitaly Bauer has performed at many Russian music festivals, BK, Trimurti, Insomnia, Trishula and many more and played at same stage with Kliment, Kalumet in Dub, Hallucinogen in Dub.
Since 2001 he organizes fests and club parties known as BK. Last years Vitaly Bauer is paying attention to develope the chillout stage of BK events. In 2016 became Mystic Sound rec. resident.
Vitaly Bauer expresses powerful feelings through chillout music, organically combining music of all styles and genres staying tuned to psychedelic chillout vibes.

DJ Neuronic

DJ Neuronic, Evgeniy Sotnikov, became a DJ in 2007 and prefered such a genre of electronic music as PsyChill thanks to its deepness and spiritual energy.

Since 2009 Neuronic has organized several successful multi-format events in Moscow as a part of Starwood Promo Group – from psychedelic trance to chillout.

In 2013 Neuronic joined Trimurti Art Group as a music coordinator of the Chillout stage.

DJ Neuronic has an excellent taste masterly combining the best PsyChill music in his sets.

Flucturion 2.0

Flucturion 2.0 is a project of Konstantin Yakushin from Moscow, Russia.

Straight kick, beautiful melodic lines and rich atmospheres reflects the vision of Flucturion 2.0 on modern psybient and chillgressive, coming in several moments to progressive trance.  Mystic Sound Records releases the third full-length album of talented russian producer, Konstantin Yakushin, Flucturion 2.0 – Sui Generis.

Flucturion 2.0 albums on Mystic Sound Records:

Liquid Crystal

Liquid Crystal is Sasha Shilov, from Dubna, Russia. His style includes ambient, downtempo, funk and ethnic melodies and grooves.

Music of the project is filled with warm sunny atmosphere. Each note is charged with kindness and positive energy which the author of the music wishes to deliver to his listeners.  Debut album – Exotic Vision – releases on Mystic Sound Records at November, 24th. Exotic Vision is a portal to the magical world where dreams come true. The music of the album takes us to a tropical island with bright birds and rich nature, with warm sand and clear sea, where there are no restrictions but just serenity and confidence in tomorrow.

Stylistically the music of the album is an original vision of Lounge mixed with Chillout, and samples of live instruments add elements of World music to this mix.

Releases on Mystic Sound Records: