Imprum & Vaqm

The imprum x vaqm project consists of two members. Each one of them has their own path of development and formation as electronic musicians. The solo project “imprum” is about “ambient/psychill” sound, and the project “vaqm” focuses on deepstep/dnb/breaks sound. Solo releases can be found on the Internet.

Denis and Vadim met in 2016, tried to play live on a pair of simple synthesizers and things went well. Gradually, the guys played more and more, their setup was overgrown with more and more iron, and the sound became more diverse.
Their compositions are a combination of ambient transfusions, soft pads, walking sequences under the control of deep, pulsating and hypnotic groove!:)

All tracks are born during the recording of a jam (improvisation), then transferred to DAW, cut and polished with vst instruments until the final stage. This allows you to take all the best from the analog and digital approach for creating music.

Some parts of the jams is finalized and used for a live program for performances. In the arsenal of the project there are many synthesizers, samplers, effectors, drum machines, interspersed with live wind and percussion instruments.

Strength in Unity!

Releases on Mystic Sound Records:


Wonderful project of Jonas Tegenfeldt from Sweden, experimenting with psychedelic sounds and love for family and nature.

False Identity

False Identity is the main project of Charlie Bartlett, who has been producing electronic music for 5 years now, with an aim of creating emotive and interesting music. Influences ranging from psychedelic rock and metal, to dub and classical music coupled with a background of playing various instruments in bands since a teenager have combined to shape a precise and powerful rendering of melodic glitch music. Haunting melodies and sculpted soundscapes come together to construct an immersive sonic experience that resonates deeply.

Möbius (Moebius)

Möbius is a music project by Christian Spudat, who is working as a composer, sound designer and producer since 2004. Born in Germany he started his music career in the creative commons community publishing several releases at various netlabels including Bump Foot from Japan and Phonocake from Germany. In 2016 Möbius released his full-lenght album “Mutatis Mundi” at Mystic Sound Records followed by a new album in 2017, which is in the process of releasing in the moment.
As a sound designer Möbius love to create new sounds and patterns using analog and digital synthesizers in his project studio in Vienna. His music can be described as a mixture of psybient, chillout, psydub, breaks, electro, hard basses and a lot of atmosphere. Thereby he plays with contrasts like ‘harsh and soft’ or ‘fast and slow’ creating a constant development of sounds and rhythms. As a former drummer in various rock bands he is fascinated by patterns and the creation of new grooves and atmospheres by layering different rhythms, notes and harmonies. It is like a Möbius strip with the full twist: Most compositions sound like to start and finish at the same point, but somewhere hop! – and it’s turning over and keeps on winding towards the joining spot. It’s a Möbius strip, you know.


London based producer Narcose creates cinematic dubby soundscapes infused with elements of psydub, techno and world music.

He has played at nights such as the legendary Inspiral Bar in Camden, London at Hidden Bazaar.

Narcose has released his first full-lenght album in the beginning of 2017 on Mystic Sound Records.

Release on Mystic Sound Records:

Be Jam

Be Jam is psybass/chill project from the city Zhukovsky that is near Moscow, Russia. The music of the project combine the elements of psybient groove, lyrical melodic patterns, live instruments and a deep bass.

The debut album of Be Jam will be released in the Fall of 2017 on Mystic Sound Records.


The Rukirek project was created in March 2013 inspired by the best ethno-electronic music – deep, philosophic and infinite like the Universe itself.

Rukirek releases on Mystic Sound Records:


Taff is a Moscow based sound producer, musician, and music teacher by Steinberg company.
The unique Taff sound reflects Sergey’s hard work on the intelligent sound quality. In this edition we feature the new album of Taff – “Miracles” that offers you an excellent fusion of downtempo, chillout, psybient and a bit of lounge. This long-awaited album consists of ten true miracles – tracks which sound like a united composition. On listening from the beginning till the end you feel like you’ve visited a mystic dimension.

Taff release on Mystic Sound Records:


Chillum – project, which arose spontaneously cold January night in 2012 in an apartment in the Moscow region in the light of the dim light bulbs. Assumes the listener a warm and positive mood, forwarding it to the world of illusion, goodness and the mysteries of his own consciousness.


The OkoloSna project represents an original in its sounding and stylistics actual experimental music with primary influence of ethnic roots and folklore traditions of various cultures and nationalities. It is a fusion of modern dancing rhythms and electronic music with ancient vibrations of sacred mantras, classical tools, nature sounds, throat singing and other ethnic and tribal elements.
The intriguing incendiary power of electronic rhythms and philosophical and mystical mood of melodies and sounds create the original and versatile music which is combined with such styles as psybreaks, psychill, techno, breaks, drum’n’bass, tribal, ethnodelica, dawntempo, ambient, industrial and others.
The project is created in 2010 and for long time is in underground of the Russian electronic scene. Many compositions can be heard only on performances in their live-versions. Including in cooperation with other known groups (for example Chronos-project) that gives additional uniqueness for listeners.
The musical project doesn’t stand still in the experiments with a sound and every time is capable to surprise the listeners with creations, new and interesting on the sounding.

Okolosna release on Mystic Sound Records: