Naturelement interview for Mystic Sound Records

Naturelement is a project of Dimitris Dritsas from Greece. Dimitris started his journey into music at the dawn of the underground psychedelic scene in mid 90’s,In 2003, Dimitris decided to express his thoughts and ideas through music production. Since the very begining Naturelement is a resident of Mystic Sound Records and has released and album, EP and numerous tracks on compilations on our label. We talked with Dimitris about music, inspiration and his home country when he came to Moscow to one of the label’s party. Please read this exciting interview below.

MSR: Please tell us how has your musical taste been evolving during your life?

My music interests were defined by two main genres since my very young age. At the age of 12 I had my first encounter with electronic music and few years after I discovered and experienced psychedelic music which was decisive not only to my musical path so far but also to the development of my very own personality.


MSR: What was the most important moment of your musical development – any insight you’ve had before?

I believe that one of the most important moments in my musical professional journey so far was my collaboration with Mystic Sound Records. The trust they showed to me since the beginning gave me the incentive to work harder and achieve quality musical productions. This helped me to step up from an amateur musician to a potential professional composer.

MSR: How is your usual day going?

When not working on my normal job, I use to spend time writing music.


MSR: Do you have any special ‘rituals’ of writing the music?

No there are not any special rituals during music making. However my studio is designed as such to provide a peaceful and productive environment.

MSR: What is the future of psychedelic downtempo music?

There are many good downtempo projects and I believe the future is bright. As bright as it has been up to now.


MSR: Do you make any difference between psychill and psybient music? What is your common opinion on these discussions devoted to subgenres?

Not really, I don’t think there is a gap between psychill and psybient. I think the difference is very small to separate them. My opinion is that we should not categorize psychedelic music as the culture and way of thinking is the same.

MSR: You live in such a nice country, Greece. What is your favorite spot there? If they asked you to pick your own track as the soundtrack of Greece, which one would you choose?


One of my favorite places is called the balcony of heaven at Alepohori village, therefore the inspiration to create the Balcony of Heaven track.

As a soundtrack, I would choose A Way to Find a Sunray considering the plenty of sunshine we get to enjoy in Greece.

MSR: What are you also interested in? tell us about your hobbies?

I do sports, running and cycling.

MSR: Have you stepped on the so-called ‘path to the spirituality/enlightenment’? yoga, meditation, veganism?

The only thing I have tried from the above is few yoga lessons.

MSR: What was your most impressive experience of open air festival s as a visitor and as a participant?

One of the best moments I had in an open air festival was during a live set by Human Blue in summer 2004.

MSR: Do you follow any Russian psychill projects? Whom would you like to work with?

Surely, I follow numerous Russian psychil projects such as Tsykhra, Maiia project,Rukirek, Chronos and others. I would happily consider collaborating with Maiia.


MSR: Tell us about your next album of remixes: how does the process of choosing the tune to be remixed and the artist to make it go?

I really look forward to receive and listen the remixed tracks from the various artists that contributing to this album. I am sure they will do an amazing job. I discussed about the concept with artists I like and work with and I was very lucky that everyone accepted the proposition with joy. I left them to choose which track they would like to work with, so they can feel more engaged.


MSR: In which direction are you moving now in terms of your next not-remixes album?

I am in the process of writing some new tracks but first an EP will be released and when I will have all tracks completed they will be released in a full album.

MSR: Why have you chosen Mystic Sound Records for your releases?

I saw that the label had a good promotion strategy to the listeners but also towards the artists. So I was asked to provide Black Hole to the Soul for VA Entheomystica vol.1 and since then I am happy collaborating with the label.

MSR: What are your expectation from visiting Russia, what would you like to wish to all people who’ll come to dance on Mystic Sound Party?

My aspiration is to perform in more places around the world as well as to establish partnerships with various quality psychill artists.
I wish everyone that is coming to the event to enjoy the night and the music they will listen. See you at the Brooklyn Club everyone!


Interview is prepared with a great help of Tanya Z-a.