About label

Mystic Sound Records focuses on such different styles of psychedelic downtempo and trance music as psychill, psydub, chillgressive and goa-trance. The independent label was founded at the beginning of 2014 by Alla Vagner (Maiia Project) and Edward Cybered in order to discover new talented artists and promote their music globally. Mystic Sound Records is also a quality place for realizing creative potential of well-known projects and musicians, starting from mastering which is made in one of the best Russian studios – manifold-studio.com (one of the best Russian studios) – to producing digital and CD releases presented worldwide in all major stores and culminating in quality label events and promotions.
The mission of Mystic Sound Records is to distribute high quality music on the modern electronic worldwide music scene. We believe that music can make the world a better place; that it is the universal language which can help to unite people who have as strong a passion for wonderful music as we do. We Are One.