Exclusive interview with KhetzaL for Mystic Sound Records

Today we’d like to introduce you our exclusive interview with one of the Goa Trance masters – Matthieu Chamoux, KhetzaL.


MSR: What does your music name stand for?

K: I chose my music name a long time ago when I was fond of precolombian culture. The name itself is a reference to the bird Quetzal that I found to be just a magnificent and fascinating bird. The bird is in danger of extinction, and it was a symbol of the ecologic message I sometimes try to spread through some of my tracks.

Apart from that, the bird is also related to the god Quetzalcoatl, the inventor of art, writing and calendar. According to some mythologies, Quetzalcoatl was the deity of the morning and evening stars and the wind… That was the only god who didn’t ask for human sacrifices… I felt myself very close to the spiritual values of that god and the related culture. I’ve just changed two letters for a little more visibility on the internet to have my own uniqueness… I also think that the letter ‘K’ makes a better-looking graphic for my artist name…

MSR: Why do you like Goa-trance rhythm?

K: I like very much the simultaneous use of electronic and acoustic drums sounds. You get the best of the two worlds, it’s definitely very interesting to work on modeling electronic sounds blended with tribal and/or acoustic drums from all around the world. Apart from that, as a dancer myself, I always feel very attracted by energetic feelings of goa-trance rhythm. It can be sometimes hypnotic, and sometimes very uplifting, and I like very much to jump on the dancefloor! When playing live, Goa-trance rhythm can be very powerful when used with uplifting synthetic melodies. I really like the energy and the state of mind I can reach when playing live, and it’s deeply connected with goa-trance rhythm.


MSR: What spiritual meanings do you involve in music you create?

K: To be honest, there are almost no spiritual meanings in the music I create. I mean there surely are, but nothing really intended. I’ve been producing and playing music for a very long time in my life, and I consider myself to be just a musician. Music arises from my brain following my inspiration and my mood. Sometimes there’s some kind of story-telling, but I think it’s not really made on purpose. Of course you can recognize some clear references to eastern music and nature sounds, I think these are more some musical appearances linked with my personal tastes. Most of the time, when a track is under construction, I can hear something linked with a specific sample, or a place, or an ancient culture, but once again nothing too much spiritually involved. As stated earlier, there are sometimes some ecological messages in a few tracks, but apart from that, I would not define myself as a great spiritualist!

MSR: Who are your music favourites / gurus?

K: A lot!!! I’ve been listening to a lot of different music styles since I was born. Too much to tell. My absolute favorite trance-goa project is Jaпa. I like Total Eclipse and Astral Projection a lot. As for ambient, I could say… Azriel, Asura, Astral Waves, Solar Quest… Azriel and Astral Waves AKA DJ Zen are friends of mine, and I must say I really like the way they produce very melodic down-tempo tracks. And I like a lot of rock, electro-rock and indie-rock bands. Again, too many to tell. When talking about electro music, I’m a big fan of The Prodigy, for example! And well… Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Archive, and many, many more, depending on what part of my life history and musical tastes I’m talking about. My favorite producers of the moment are Noiserv and Princess Chelsea, nothing related to trance, of course, but I like a lot the melodies in their tracks and the way they build musical magic atmospheres.

MSR: What is your opinion of Goamystica compilation?

K: I’m very impressed by the sound quality of the tracks! The production quality of the tracks did just amaze me.

The selection is very good too. I never feel bored when I hear the whole compilation. A lot of beautiful melodic and uplifting moments. I’m very proud of being part of the compilation with so many talented artists and very well-done tracks. It was very unexpected for me! And I hope a lot of people will enjoy all these tracks. Too bad it’s not available on CD, but I guess this is how things will go, more and more… From a different point of view, it’s a good way to be distributed worldwide. Apart from that, a wonderful release, great tracks and the beautiful artwork!


MSR: What music have you been working on lately?

K: I’m now part of four bands, I play mainly the keyboards and the violin in electro-rock and rock bands. Shok Doktrine is an electro-rock project with retro-games sounds where I compose electro tracks and play keyboards. Since I Quit is an indie-rock band where I play the keyboards.


I also play the violin in the electro-rock band Siamese Faces, and on a fourth project with a singer named Alix Hillen. Sometimes just a voice, a guitar and my violin or my keyboard, it’s a very different experience compared to playing live with a laptop and some synths…


I definitely like to have several musical projects in different styles, it’s good not to stay locked in only one musical style. Different ideas, different feelings and different experiences. I also work on a solo project, using a modular synth generating experimental electro, think about controlled improvisation (but sometimes unpredictible), with very powerful sounds coming from outerspace!


Beside all these projects, I haven’t produced a lot of trance or ambient music lately for KhetzaL, maybe a lack of time, or not a lot of inspiration right now.


One of my very last studio works related to ambient was to record acoustic violin samples for a down-tempo track produced by Itzamnia. I’m thinking about producing the second album, but it will take a lot of time for me to work on it. Don’t expect it to come very soon, sorry for all people waiting for it…

Stay tuned, anything can happen!

Interview prepared by Vera Uzhva

Listen to the VA Goamystica Vol. 1