Maiia – Forest Magic

Rerelease of first EP by MAIIA ** Maiia - Forest Magic EP ** review Started with releasing of several individual tracks, Alla Vagner, better known as Maiia, presents her new EP «Forest Magic», which was released at the Indian label «Namaha Records». The first track «Deep In The Forest» meets us the sounds of Chinese windchimes, inviting to its mysterious depths, familiar to every fan of psychedelic music, but every time such unexpected. So here, a mysterious and insinuating top opens into a light dance rhythm that sets the tone for all of the following tracks. In «Kilimanjaro Sunset» against the backdrop of deep bass vibrations pleasant rhythmic percussion sounds, spilling a lot of nuances and filling light and playful sound. Excellent morning track, perfectly suitable for dancing, and for peaceful gatherings. Fresh and energetic tribal is so like clockwork house, dispersed and accelerated by every minute. But every time an unexpected turn changes the nuances of mood, making «Apple Trees Garden» a few self-sufficient, but indivisible tracks. Dancings! The final track «Beauty Drops» escorts old school breakbit, slowly swaying into shamanic rhytms and finally swirling in flowing pads. Perhaps, amid the general monotony of the many recent releases, «Magic Forest EP» will leave its mark, dancing and flirting then in the morning chill-outs, then the noisy home parties, or picking up the mood on the way to somewhere. Universal Music for a good mood for all. © Paragramm


Tittle: Forest Magic Artist: Maiia Format: Digital Flac, Wav & Mp3 Label: Namaha Records Catalog: NAMREP001 Release Date: 30th October 2009 Mastering: Manifold Studio ( Russia ) Artwork: Olis Distributors: Tracklist: 01. Deep In The Forest 02. Kilimanjaro Sunset 03. Apple Trees Garden 04. Beauty Drops