Goamystica Vol. 1

Mystic Sound Records gladly presents the first part of a new series of compilations in Goa trance style – Goamystica Vol. 1!

Goamystica Vol. 1 is eleven fascinating tracks which open a door to another dimention. Collected from all over the world, from France to Japan, this music is united by universal energy that can load you with the brightest emotions for a long time.

We have carefully gathered into a single composition these impressive works from the world’s notable producers – widely known and new members of the modern Goa trance scene – Afgin, Khetzal, Imba, Space Elves, Jikooha, Jagoa, Maiia303, Main Sequence Star (the downtempo side of Nova Fractal), Cactus Arising, Somnesia, Fiery Dawn, OXI and Ancient Vision.

We are sure that this compilation will take its deserving place in musical collections of the best djs compiling sets in Goa trance from over the world and for sure will sound excellently on the dancefloors of different scales.
Welcome to a new dimension of Goa trance – Goamystica from Mystic Sound Records!


Compiled by Maiia303 http://www.maiia.ru/
Mastering: Manifold Studio http://manifold-studio.com/eng/
Cover art: Ulsei www.behance.net/ulsei