Dhamika – Solitude

Mystic Sound Records presents a mini-album of the wonderful producer from Sweden, Sven Lundgren, Dhamika – Solitude.
Solitude is two fresh works of Dhamika leading us to the far deeps. Soft downbeat rhythms are being softly enveloped by deep atmospheres and linked into the organic whole by weightless melodies. Every sound moves us to the cold space of the Cosmos or another way round plunges more deeply into the thickness of ocean waves.
Unbelievably beautiful tracks of Dhamika reflect the classical sound of PsyChill and Cosmic Downtempo in a wider understanding.


All tracks written and produced by Sven Lundgren https://soundcloud.com/dhamika
Mastered by Edward Cybered at Manifold Studio http://manifold-studio.com/eng/
Artwork by Art-Group Line
Released in 2015 by Mystic Sound Records http://mystic-sound.com/