Nuell Martin – Cruithne

Type: Album
Artist: Nuell Martin
Title: Cruithne
Style: Psybient, PsyChill, Ambient
Release date: June 2021
Format: Digital
Cat-No:  MSRDG93
Mastering: Manifold Studio

Where to buy:

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01. From A Perspective
02. Lagrange
03. Launch
04. Awakening
05. Ethernal Void
06. Sentinel
07. Reporting To The Stars
07. Responso
07. Epilogue – Another Million Years

Release info:

Cruithne is an asteroid orbiting around the Sun. The album brings space chill vibes to let your mind slowly float in Cosmos surrounded by planets and stars. We invite you to join the orbit of Cruithne and dissolve in the blissful contemplation of the inner and outer space.