Lurve Connection Vol. 1

Type: VA
Title: Lurve Connection Vol. 1 compiled by Jeremy’s Aura
Style: PsyDub, PsyBass, PsyBreaks
Release date: 15 September 2018
Format: Digital
Cat-No: MSRDG51
Mastering: Manifold Studio
Cover art&design: Ulsei

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01. False Identity – A State Of Delighted Astonishment
02. Antandra – You Make Me Feel So
03. Shantam – Fly VS Glass
04. Oglob – Nur The Flur
05. Maiia – Lazy Sunset
06. Planet B – Clouds
07. Ben Rama – Initiate (Jeremy’s Aura Remix)
08. Envoka – Ossified Hyoid
09. Nibana – Space Bumper
10. Tuatara – I Forgot To Tell You Something

Release info:

Mystic Sound Records is happy to share with you the collection of amazing music compiled by the incredible Jeremy’s Aura – “Lurve Connection Vol. 1”!

You’re at a party in a museum after hours. A sweet and cheeky hostess welcomes you at the entrance, and leads you through the gallery. You explore the venue and squeeze past the crowd of people. On the first floor you see Kandinsky with Alzheimer’s: his synesthesia is so powerful that he plays music the way he paints. Salvador Dali is also there, very tipsy on the piano nearby. In the next room you find a salsa party filled with cartoon heroes from some freaky alien world. You keep on exploring and find a stage, the band is playing something familiar and you can finally dance. There is a chill area in the courtyard where you can lay down and enjoy the infinite sky and floating clouds as you look up towards the Alexander Calder mobiles hanging above. At every party there is always that one guy who puts on the death metal to catch the crowd off guard, but it somehow fits into the obscurity. You take a deep breath and keep exploring, finding a hidden dance floor. It is once again, very familiar; a collection of all the pearls from the previous scenes. Dali and Kandinsky are bartending now, and death metal guy is warming up the drum kit. Members from a Latin American band join him for a very nice and sophisticated closure – unity of floors. This is the Lurve Connection: where the love for music and art brings the world together.