Khazaar – Life Disorder

Type: Album
Artist: Khazaar
Title: Life Disorder
Style: PsyBreaks, PsyChill, World fusion
Release date: January 2021
Format: Digital
Cat-No:  MSRDG85
Mastering: Manifold Studio
Cover art: Ulsei

Where to buy:

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01. Poseidon
02. Out Of Time
03. Crusader
04. Life Disorder
05. Meandr Of Fate
06. Frozen Soul
07. Obsession
08. Substance Fracture
09. The Way To Stay Alone
10. Organic Shuttle
11. Mars Pater

Release info:

Mystic Sound Records presents an incredible debut album of Moscow-based downtempo producer Egor Kozharinov aka Khazaar – “Life Disorder”.

Life is the ability to continuously discover new dimensions of uncertainty and infinite potential, serenity and obsessive thoughts, the severity of judgment and one’s own loneliness. Moving along the ocean of the Unconscious, we either discover new meanings in daily processes, or become convinced of their exhaustion. Opposites flowing into each other are like inhalation and exhalation, ebb and flow. When the symbolic order is destroyed, one of the states is fixed, and only the language of music makes it possible to return the course of life to its original channel.